Across the Greek blue seas

Thessaloniki, Greece

Home to fine food, stunning coastlines and a rich history going back millennia, Thessaloniki is a friendly, perfectly sized and walkable city which is very easy to fall in love with! During its 2300 years of history, Thessaloniki - named after the sister of Alexander the Great - encountered Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman civilizations and rule. It has always been home to a mix of Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, while opening its arms and welcoming refugees throughout its history. As a result, the city has a unique multi-cultural character that is reflected in the architectural vestiges, UNESCO protected landmarks and in its cuisine, renowned for its quality and diversity.

Today, Greece's second largest city, with its laid back yet vibrant atmosphere, is an upcoming tourist destination. Widely renowned for its nightlife, it features more bars and cafes per capita than any other European city. A promising shopping destination too, here you can find high-end boutiques as well as unknown hidden, tucked away "secrets" to shop from and discover!

Melisses Gallery founders Nicky and Maria, were both born and raised in Thessaloniki. When they decided to launch their first shop in 2009, they couldn’t look anywhere else than the city's historical centre. The flagship Melisses Gallery, only at 300 meters distance from Thessaloniki's architectural monument, the "White Tower", is welcoming back friends from all around the world whilst visiting our beautiful Mediterranean city.

Photo of Hydra island

Hydra, Greece

As soon as the hydrofoil slows down, approaching the rocky shores of Hydra island, the breath-taking view instantly captivates the visitors. Upon setting foot on the island's cobbled harbour, an awe-inspiring landscape welcomes you to this ancient piece of land. It is like time stood still, as if you have stepped back in time and landed some 200 years ago. In fact, despite its high profile and prominent reputation as an exclusive holiday destination, the island remains endearingly trapped in time: the entire building complex of the town is a listed architectural reserve, new construction is banned and the island remains blissfully free of motorized vehicles! All transport is done with cute donkeys and mules. With its old fashioned charm and dramatic landscape, the "Grand Lady" of the Argosaronic Gulf has stood as a major attraction for international celebrities and creatives of numerous artistic fields - including rock stars, painters and art enthusiasts – giving the island a contemporary artistic identity, which still stands strong since the 1960s.

Hydra, was famously home and a major source of inspiration to Leonard Coen, due to its romantic aura and its discrete, detached yet rewarding cosmopolitan character. No wonder then why it was described as "The laid back Greek Island" by Conde' Nast Traveller. We really feel fortunate to have discovered Hydra some ten years ago, when we were scouting for the ideal location to launch our first summer Melisses Gallery Shop. And it seems that the artistic vibe of this island and Melisses’ Gallery own creative personality were a perfect fit, a match made in heaven; to the point that we feel as if we have been here forever. It is then with great joy that every summer, we welcome returning customers and meet new exploring travellers sailing the Aegean Sea.

Photos of Spetses island

Spetses, Greece

Situated in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, Spetses combines an elegant & modern atmosphere with a vintage, traditional aura. Due to its wonderful natural landscape, the pristine beaches and a rich history, the island is a popular destination for both Greek and foreign tourists alike. A charming combination of pine trees and the Mediterranean sea, along with lush floral surroundings full of aromatic plants, lead to the name "Spetses" meaning "island of perfumes".

This was the first island of the Argosaronic Gulf to join the 1821 Greek War of Independence and home to Bouboulina, the heroic woman naval commander who went down in history. The picturesque capital of the island is perfect for evening strolls. One can explore the labyrinth of little alleys in the old town, admire the traditional prominent Mansions called "Kapetanospita", hire a horse carriage and visit the Old Harbour, or do some serious shopping... it is a matter of taste!

This warm and inviting atmosphere is completed by a classic Mediterranean vista: yacht marinas, boutique hotels, stylish restaurants and elegant boutiques. All the above, plus the fact that Spetses is only 30 minutes away from Hydra (where our 2nd shop is located), lead us to establish here our 3rd Melisses Gallery Shop back in 2015. We couldn’t have been happier and more grateful to the islanders who welcomed us warmly here and to all the visitors that keep returning to our boutique every summer.