1821-2021, Ceramic Tile

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A square ceramic tile featuring the traditional Greek "Tsolias" in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence, by P. Valsamakis, one of the world's greatest contemporary ceramists. Its surface is slightly embossed, the frame (15mm wide) is wooden and there is a metallic part on the back side for hanging on the wall. The tile's dimensions are 10X10cm. It comes in its pretty and safe packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Every piece is signed by one of the world's greatests contemporary ceramists, Panos Valsamakis. The ceramic tapestries of Valsamakis, although inspired mainly by Greek folklore, are so universally appealing that they have earned Valsamakis critical acclaim and numerous awards throughout the world. His themes have varied over the years from the traditional or historic to the contemporary, while his style has been influenced by modern realists as well as expressionists. When the artist opened his workshop back in 1960, his assistants were his son and his daughter in law. Now the torch has passed to the next generation, his grandchildren Sofia and Panos, who keep the fire burning...

Each piece is truly unique, minor differences may occur as it is 100% handmade.

Weight: 300g

Height: 13cm

Width: 13cm

Depth: 2cm

Materials: Ceramic, wood