3D Wooden Ship - Sky Blue and White

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  • €150,00
Handmade, three dimensional ship made by recycling old pieces of wood. To be placed on a table, shelf, bookcase, desk, in such a way so it can be admired from all angles. Each ship is one of a kind, unique piece and is signed by the artist.

Greek artist Theologos, has been creating and experimenting patiently since over 20 years ago, using his incredible skills and craftmanship to dive into the diorama microcosm, producing unique and original works, that express him artistically and move us aesthetically.

One of a kind and 100% handmade.

Weight: 495g

Length: 22.5cm

Height: 19.5cm

Width: 8.5cm

Materials: Wood, brass, acrylic paint

handmade in greece stamp