Blue Topaz Drop Pendant Necklace

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Faceted blue topaz drop shaped gem stone, pierced and tied with a 18k gold wire. The delicate wirework is handmade by expert craftsmen. It hangs on a 40cm long silver chain plated with palladium. The teardrop shaped gem is 8mm long (just the gem, without the gold wire), it is luminous and transparent, and has a pretty light blue colour. Blue topaz is known as the stone of good fortune, love and affection. Gifts of blue topaz jewellery may signal a wish for a romantic relationship or a strong appreciation of loyal friendship. It comes in a luxury jewellery box, ready to offer as a gift.

100% handmade.

Weight: 14g

Length: 40cm

Materials: 18k gold, sterling silver, blue topaz

Colours: Light blue

handmade in Greece stamp