Ceramic Big Bowls Set, Evil Eye

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The latest addition to our ceramic Mati tableware is this set of two deep bowls. The smaller has the perfect size for serving breakfast, cereal, greek yogurt, individual salad, while the bigger one is a super useful large bowl for salad or other uses. The evil eye symbol, "Mati" in Greek, is considered to have the power to protect from negative energy, misfortune and envy. Create your own tableware by choosing from a variety of sizes and designs. They have been finished and polished for transparency and brightness. Each piece is truly unique, none is exactly the same, because each piece has been shaped by hand and has a unique free form.

Each piece is truly unique, minor differences may occur as it is 100% handmade.

Weight: 1350g

Diameter: small 16cm big 25cm

Depth: small 8.5cm big 9cm

Materials: Ceramic

Safe to use, dishwasher and micro oven safe.

handmade in greece stamp