Ceramic Pebbles Set with Heart

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Set of two handmade ceramic pebbles, one big and one small, featuring a heart. They can be used as presse papier or just for decoration.

Handmade ceramic plates and bowls for everyday use, as well as for decorative purposes. This collection is not mass-produced. On the contrary, they are unique hand-made works by Greek artist F. Balla, that combine quality, design and avant-garde aesthetics. None is exactly the same, because each piece has been shaped by hand and has a unique free form. Can be displayed stand-alone or in groups. Create your own tableware by choosing from a variety of sizes and designs. They have been finished and polished for transparency and brightness. Decorated using shades of sky blue, the turquoise of the waters and the deep blue of the sea. The Greek summer on your table!

Each piece is truly unique, minor differences may occur as it is 100% handmade.

Weight: 305g

Diameter: small 7cm big 10cm

Depth: 3cm

Materials: Ceramic

Colours: Turquoise

Safe to use, dishwasher and micro oven safe.

handmade in greece stamp