Ceramic Pomegranate Platters, Set of 3

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  • €90,00

The set consists of one large serving platter (20,50cm diameter), one smaller platter (17cm diameter) and a bowl (14,50cm diameter) all three of them having the pomegranate shape. Since antiquity in Greece, the pomegranate has been a symbol of abundance, youthfulness, fertility and good luck. Very useful and decorative set of ceramics for your table. When not used, you can decorate a table or a shelf by displaying them one inside the other. In stunning red or subtle off white colour and amazing finish. Handmade ceramic tableware by Cretan workshop established in 1984. Inspired by ancient Greek civilization and the daily life of that time.

Each piece is truly unique, minor differences may occur as it is 100% handmade.

Weight: 1000g

Diameter: 14.5cm-17cm-20.5cm

Materials: Stoneware

Safe to use, dishwasher and micro oven safe.

handmade in Greece stamp