Champagne Glasses, Blown Glass Set of 2

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Pair of tall glasses for champagne or other sparkling wine. The glasses have a soft honey colour. An excellent gift idea for a couple. The glass is made from a collection of recycled old bottles, glasses and other reclaimed material, environmentally friendly and fully sustainable. The artist's blowing style is using loose shapes without fusing molds or anything that restricts the glass. Each objects has the artist's signature engraved. In the words of the artist, Nikos Haritakis: "In nature there are no straight lines. I like the soft lines that caress the hands and eyes. I try to render the colours as I see them in my natural environment, Crete. The olive green and the brown of the dry land after a long hot summer, the light blue of the sky after dawn, the deep blue of the sea."

Each piece is truly unique, minor differences may occur as it is 100% handmade.

Weight: 150g

Diameter: 5.5cm

Height: 19.5cm

Materials: Blown glass

Colours: Honey

handmade in Greece stamp