Chrysoprase Drop Pendant Necklace

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Faceted chrysoprase drop shaped gem stone, pierced and tied with a 18k gold wire. Chrysoprase has an uplifting apple green colour and is 14mm long (just the gem without the gold wire). Delicate wirework, handmade in Athens. It hangs on a 40cm long silver chain plated with palladium. Chrysoprase is one of the oldest gems used in jewellery. Alexander the Great always carried it in his belt for protection. In the Middle Age people believed it could make you invisible had you stolen something or were you facing imprisonment. Nowadays it is still considered to have healing and tonic properties. It comes in a luxury jewellery box, ready to offer as a gift.

100% handmade.

Weight: 14g

Length: 40cm

Materials: 18k gold, sterling silver, chrysoprase

Colours: Veraman

handmade in Greece stamp