Lava Necklace with Gold Plated Branches

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  • €137,00
This necklace combines black lava beads and gold plated nutmeg tree branches with stunning results.

The main source of Thallo collection's inspiration is the Greek flora with all its wildflowers and young spring shoots. Thallo in ancient Greek mythology was the deity of spring and young shoots. Even the smallest details are captured creating stunning and original pieces of exceptional quality. Metals used are silver, gold, copper, alongside a variety of semiprecious stones (for some pieces). 24K gold is used for gold plating and 1000° silver for silver plating. Chains, clasps, earring studs 100% silver. They come packaged in velvet pouch or faux leather case. Nickel free.

100% handmade.

Weight: 77g

Length: 75cm

Materials: Lava beads, copper, 24k gold plating

handmade in Greece stamp