Pearl with Blue Topaz Pendant Necklace

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Lovely necklace, featuring a natural pearl and a faceted drop shaped blue topaz, tied together with 18k of gold. The pearls diameter is 10mm and the gem is 6mm long. Delicate wirework, handmade in Athens. The central element (2,7cm long including gold jump ring) hangs on a 46cm long silver chain plated with palladium. Blue topaz is known as the stone of good fortune, love and affection. Gifts of blue topaz jewellery may signal a wish for a romantic relationship or a strong appreciation of loyal friendship. It comes in a luxury jewellery box, ready to offer as a gift.

100% handmade.

Weight: 27g

Length: 46cm

Materials: 18k gold, pearl, blue topaz, sterling silver

Colours: Light blue

handmade in Greece stamp