White Rhinestone Crystals, Mini Ballerina Earrings

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  • €90,00
Stud earrings, featuring hand made mini ballerinas wearing a sparkling white rhinestone crystals tutu. A fresh water pearl is set on the stud.

"The Ballerinas" Les Nereides collection is inspired by the famous Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". Irresistible handmade ballerinas delicately in fifth position, made into jewellery pieces that stand out.

Les Nereides is a Parisian brand, very well known for the feminine, sophisticated, romantic style where colours and poetic symbols stand out. The name "Les Nereides" is borrowed by Greek mythology, the nereids being underwater nymphs of unparalleled beauty. Each piece starts on paper as a drawing out of the imagination of the designers. The jewels are then elaborated and delicately hand painted following the enamelling technique. The result is collections of one of a kind affordable luxury jewels.

100% handmade.

Height: 3.5cm

Materials: Gold plated brass, freshwater pearls, acrylic enamel, rhinestone crystals